Rice - Cavachon, Las Vegas, NV

​She is a pure joy. She knew her name in less than 2 days, she comes when called, is getting really good at the "sit" command... but has a bit of trouble with the "leave it"..LOL... cause she never wants to stop playing (even if it happens to be a body part!) I have already started our training for qualification as a therapy dog. She has to be 1 year old to be certified but it takes a full year to train, expose her to different genders, races, medical situations, etc... so that she is not surprised and can mesh right in with anyone she meets. There isn't a person who sees her that doesn't just melt! She is so very sweet, loving, and ... well... PERFECT! 

​Lilly - Shih Tzu, Fargo, ND

​​I highly recommend "Adore Your Puppy" to anyone who is looking for a healthy, well socialized, and high quality puppy. I was looking for a Shih Tzu puppy, and we had the good fortune to find Lily from "Adore Your Puppy"!

Lily has been a delight. She learns very quickly, loves people, and is very affectionate. She is not not at all fearful, so it is apparent that Lily was given very good care and lots of love right from the beginning. She is very healthy, and my veterinarian was very impressed with her ability to stay calm in a new and stressful situation.

The experiences dogs have from birth to 12 weeks will affect your their personality throughout their lives . I believe that Lily was given a great start from "Adore Your Puppy". I just love her!

Thanks again for taking such good care of Lily - we are both reaping the rewards as a result of your hard work.
Josie - Cavachon, Gretna, NE

​ I think I got the best puppy! She has only had one accident in the house ( I'm sure it won't be last) and she doesn't make a sound at night when I put her in her kennel! Slept thru whole night first night and last night and only got me up once the other nights to potty then back to sleep. Has been in the tractor for over an hour and then on a three hour road trip! Thank you for having this awesome puppy for me! :)
Megan - Cavachon, Wilsonville, OR

​​ I could not be more pleased with my purchase from Adore Your Puppy! Megan is a doll and I cannot imagine life without her! I was very skeptical about making an online purchase but Jaclyn answered every email within 24 hours and was very helpful. She even sent me weekly photos and videos since I didn't get to meet Megan until I picked her up from the airport. Everything went smoothly with her travels which shows how experienced they are at Adore Your Puppy. Megan handled the stress of traveling alone very well and was happy to arrive in Oregon! We spend our days playing hard and napping hard :)
Willow - French Bulldog, Sun City West, AZ

​​Our puppy arrived well socialized with both people and dogs. This shows me that Adore A Puppy hand raises and shows to be a responsible and loving breeder. Our little French Bulldog, Willow is a loving member of our family. A BIG THANK YOU Jaclyn...
Megan's first Birthday!!
Other happy family's with one of our babies!