Shipping Info
We offer both Ground Shipping (if this is available for your area) and Air Shipping.   We work with a great company that specializes in transferring puppies. 

Ground Shipping:
Your puppy will get delivered in a climate controlled vehicle to an agreed upon location close to your area.  They do not offer this all over the United states so this option is not available for everyone.  If it is an option for you, we will give you the option to choose.  The cost for Ground Transport shipping depends on your location (prices are very reasonable) and does not include a Carrier.  (prices subject to change at anytime)

A​​​ir Shipping:
Right know we work with 4 different Airlines - United, American, Delta and Alaskan Airlines.  The 2 we work with the most are United and American.  At this time United Airlines is the only one that will accept short-nosed breeds ( Frenchie, Pug).   United Airlines, Delta or American airlines is $400.00.   If air shipping, the cost includes travel carrier and the puppy examination that is needed for flying.  We do on occasion ship to Canada.  The cost to fly to Canada is $450.00.  (prices subject to change at anytime)

On occasion we are asked to meet.  We are very willing to do this if it works for us.  During the Fall we are very busy with field work so this option is not always possible for us.  For driving we do charge for our time and gas, it all depends on how far we drive.