Adore Your Puppy Sales Agreement
                                                                 Adore Your Puppy Puppy Purchase Agreement

The buyer hereby agrees to purchase the puppy named (________________________) from Adore Your Puppy for the price of ($____________) plus shipping ($___________) .

1. All puppies require a $300.00 - $500.00 non-refundable deposit. Method of payment can be U.S. Postal Money Orders, Cash, Cashiers Check, Paypal (we add 3% to all paypal transactions) and Personal Checks (for deposit only). Deposits are non-refundable​​. If something happens to your puppy (health issues, health concerns from us or our vet or death) or if one is not available from this litter you will be given choice of a puppy from the next available litter or choice of $300.00 - $500.00 dollar deposit refunded. If you change your mind and do not/ can not get a puppy you forfeit your monies.
2. Choice of puppy is determined on a first come (deposit received) first to choose basis.
3. All puppies will be sold with / without​​ breeding rights.
4. All puppies are shipped at the expense of the buyer at all times.

This Puppy is guaranteed as Follows:​​​

1. To be in good physical condition for the first 48 hours after the time of shipping. The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours after the delivery time for a complete physical examination. Failure of a buyer to take said puppy for a physical examination to the vet within 48 hours of shipping voids the puppy warranty in full. If a veterinarian finds the puppy to have a contagious disease or to have a serious physical condition other than a bacterial infection such as Coccidia or Giardia which are easily treated, the seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of comparable or better quality. The seller reserves the right to a second veterinarian opinion at the expense of the seller.  Absolutely no warranty claims will be accepted from issues resulting from LOW BLOOD SUGAR/SUGAR SHOCK.  No money will be refunded.
2. To be free from any genetic / hereditary defects that cause death or serious impairment of the vital functions in the puppy until said puppy is one year of age. If such an inheritable defect is documented by a veterinarian and presented to the seller with sufficient supporting evidence, the buyer will be entitled to a replacement puppy of the same sex, of comparable or better quality, when available from the same or upcoming litter. No cash given and we will not pay any vet bills or shipping costs.
Genetic conditions we do not cover are inguinal and/or umbilical hernias, retained testicles, cherry eyes.  These conditions are common and can be fixed easily when t​he puppy is spayed or neutered.  We feel it puts to much stree on the puppy to have any of the above procedures performed at a young age.  Luxating petllas or congenital hip diseases are not covered unless detected within the first 14 days.
3. Puppies are considered high risk for Coccidia and Giardia. These health issues are easily treatable. They are often brought on by the stress of shipping, a new home, new food, new people, and change of climate or surroundings. Shipped puppies seem more prone to showing symptoms of Coccidia and Giardia. All puppies are treated for Coccidiosis and Giardia before they leave. Treatment however is not a guarantee the puppy will not respond to the above issues. They can arise. But if they do, they are rarely serious (even though seeing blood in the stool would appear serious) and are easily treated. We will not cover the treatment of them.
4. Guarantee does not cover what in any breed that Adore Your Puppy sells is considered normal.
5. It is understood at the time of this sale the puppy is not guaranteed for show or breeding quality. No size guarantee of this puppy.
6.  All legal matters derived from this contract will be held in Sioux County, city of Orange City, Iowa​
7. This contract is binding when buyer receives his puppy, whether or not this document is signed by buyer.


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